Youth Meets Jah Wobble – Acid Punk Dub Apocalypse CD & LP

Post – punk innovators, Jah Wobble and Youth have teamed up to release a new album on Cadiz Music licensed exclusively from the Youth Sounds label.



‘Acid Punk Dub Apocalypse’ was recorded over the last year by the former Public Image Ltd founder and renowned producer and Killing Joke bassist and features a host of special guests and collaborations. Released on CD, vinyl and available digitally, the album is eleven new tracks and includes the lead single ‘Breaking Shells’ which features West London singer and musician Hollie Cook.

A truly inspired collection of tracks, the new long player also includes singers and players such as Rhiannon, Blue Pearl, Aurora Dawn, Lara Smiles, broadcaster and author Vivien Goldman and The Orb’s Alex Paterson.


01. ‘Breaking Shells’ (feat. Hollie Cook) / 02. ‘Burnt Umber’ (feat. Alex Paterson) / 03. ‘Inspector Out Of Space’ (feat. Rhiannon) / 04. ‘Full Metal Dub’ / 05. ‘Rhino’ (feat Vivian Goldman) / 06. ‘Rise Me Up’ (feat. Blue Pearl) / 07. ‘Chariot Sky’ / 08. ‘Keep On Moving’ (feat. Aurora Dawn) / 09. ‘Lunar Dawn’ / 10. ‘Panzer Dub’ / 11. ‘Blades’ (feat. Lara Smiles)


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