Nik Turner & Youth – Interstellar Energy – Solid Blue CD

Brand new album from the legendary producer who has teamed up with former Hawkwind member.



This fearless Space Rock meets Motorick Komishe Psyche masterpiece first saw the light of day at Glastonbury 2017 and 2019, invited by snooker legend and prog rock obsessive Steve Davis to create an all star jam session hinged around Hawkwind founder Nik Turner and ably assisted by various ex members of Hawkwind and focused through the psychedelic prism and vision of musical director, bass player and producer Youth.
The band reconvened in the Kinks renowned north London Konk studios to record the fruits of theses legendary Glastonbury live sets and preserve them for prosperity on vinyl …set your Lazers on stun and buckle up for an incredible trip through this cosmic psyche meltdown.

Side A: 1. Space / 2. Cracker / 3. Solar Probe. Side B: 1. Tesla / 2. Sygnus / 3. Slider


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