Legend of the music scene RDF, Youth, Jah Wobble and Mark Stewart collaborate on a timely new project.
Radical Dance Faction (RDF) combine with Killing Joke’s ‘Youth‘, the mighty Jah Wobble and ace bassman collaborator, The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart, to launch A Very British Coup – their ode to the Brexit debacle!


One Dread

RDF perform Daydream Dystopia live

DJ Youth spins remixes from the album

Mark Stewart and Jah Wobble perform A Very British Coup with RDF’s Chris Bowsher adding some poetries

DJ Youth, Jah Wobble and Dan Foster perform Battle Of Bass

RDF Radical Dance Faction / Chris Bowsher / Martin Glover 

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  • Daydream Dystopia double CD signed by RDF’s Chris Bowsher and DJ Youth
  • A signed copy of Voice From The Wilderness – the complete lyrics of Radical Dance Faction by Chris Bowsher
  • 4) A3 size poster of Bass Sound Clash – realised by J Cahill
  • 5) Access to a pre-gig Q&A with Chris Bowsher and Youth on the subject ‘The Dub Revolution’, starting at 7.3opm


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