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[MONRHEA] – her [ART]

” The debut album from one woman outfit [MONRHEA] shows off the seriously impolite electronica that’s blossoming in East Africa. Electronic sounds from Africa are over-represented in Europe by jolly pop and elegantly faceless house music, but there’s a whole lot more going on. Via uber-producer and Killing Joker Martin “Youth” Glover’s Youth Sounds label,...

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Daydream Dystopia review by Guy Smallman

“The basic components of the RDF experience are all here. The bass-heavy minimal dub beats, that had us all gently swaying at those free festivals in the nineties. The brash, apocalyptic yet strangely catchy poetry of Chris Bowsher, that drives the narrative. But what really sets this latest album apart is the presence of Killing...

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