1. Top Flight 05:53
  2. White Rose
  3. One Time
  4. Tuff Enuff
  5. Sunflower
  6. Shine
  7. Heart
  8. Toots
  9. Daktari
  10. Solid Silver
  11. Sunflower Slight Return

Dubsouls are;

Andrew “Murph “ Murphy – Guitar

Charlie Jones – Bass

Martin Jenkins – Hammond organ piano

Ted Benham – Drums

Ben Plocki – Sax

Matt Dowse – Trombone

Dan Reid – Trumpet

The Musicians

The Dubsouls were formed by Andrew “Murph” Murphy in 2015.

Murph wrote and arranged all the original compositions on the album

Collaborations and bands

The collaborations and bands played in by the Dubsouls musicians are numerous.

Black Box, Radical Dance Faction, Robert Plant/Jimmy Page, Rhythmites, Goldfrapp, King Prawn, Sousxie Sioux.

Also they have all been involved together in various jazz outfits from guitar\piano duos to swing and big bands.

The Style

The Dubsouls  blend the styles of instrumental rocksteady, early authentic reggae and jazz to create a unique sound. The rhythm  section hold the groove and feel letting the soloists  express themselves. Original melodies and hook lines are improvised on and returned to in a classic jazz format.

The Recording

Dubsouls are a collection of seasoned session musicians with a great love of Jamaican music and it’s production. These original recordings were made live in one room recorded straight to a studer 8 track tape machine. It was recorded by Stuart Bruce who was the engineer on the “Live Aid” single. The recording was mixed by dubwise by Jamie Grashion.


Dubsouls Live