In The Kings House – EP


The Gulps. A new London band emerged showing as much fiery attack and confidence for those at the start of their burning as their world famous antecedents in places such as the Ealing Blues Club, Eel Pie Island and a certain Cavern in 1960’s Liverpool.

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Debut EP for The Gulps.

Available in digital and limited edition 7″ vinyl.

Track list:

The EP Kings House recorded at The Dog House Studio. Produced by Martin “Youth” Glover”.

The King’s House, while the guitars flashes, the song is a statement of powerful R&R.

My girl From Liverpool, magically remind us of the Fab Four.

 Lola Cola evoked the Kinks at their most defiant and the remarkable.

Let me say l’m The One igniting with youth’s testament of self belief.

The Gulps, showing this much command at the start of their careers may well show themselves as being able to move towards similar innovations, but here display a unique and refreshing hold on the heavy rock/power pop template. Their songs hammer down with strong melody and coruscating rhythm. Guitar duellists  Charlie Green  and Frank Anthony  form a dazzling exchange of lead and rhythm while the soon shirtless rhythm section of  Simon Mouchard on bass  and drummer Raoul Khayat  underlined the persuasive musical argument with impressive understanding and fearsome power.  Singer Harry All  has a wonderful  Jagger-esque swagger that not only combines Sir Mick with those that followed him, as there is a Gallagher-esque slur and stretch to his intonation, but which also alludes to John Lennon at his rawest with touches of the Punk cohorts of Lydon, Idol and Strummer.

Gulps are a band to cling to tightly. Theirs is the fire that will see the average night burning bright.

David Erdos  International Times

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